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Welcome <3 - The WB Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The WB Challenge;; Icons, FO Banners, and Headers

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Welcome <3 [Mar. 4th, 2006|02:49 pm]
The WB Challenge;; Icons, FO Banners, and Headers


Welcome to twb_challenge which is a challenge that all about the wonderful shows on the WB. The challenge will vary depending on what shows we do, and what type of graphics. The graphics we will be covering are: icons, friend's only banners, and headers [for communities or journals]. If all goes well maybe we can do colorbars once in a while. But what I need from everyone is to promote this community, and tell people about it. Just see if anyone is interested and have them sign up! The first challenge won't start until late March or early April, so please just join and keep checking back!