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The WB Challenge

A challenge for icons, friend's only banners and headers.

The WB Challenge;; Icons, FO Banners, and Headers
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Welcome to the WB Challenge! A challenge for icons, friend's only banners and headers all featuring your favorite WB stars! I do hope you will take part in this community, and help me make it one of the best, but please remember to promote us, and of course join. =)

- Remember to post your icon, fo banner, or header in a comment to the challenge post, and the challenge post only.
- All comments will be screened.
- Icons must fit live-journal standards, 100x100, 40KB or under and in either, JPG; GIF; or PNG format.
- There may be other restictions on headers or fo banners. Please read each post carefully.
- This contest is anonymous, so no submitting your icon, fo banner, or header, anywhere else until the voting is over.
- You can only enter original work, meaning graphics only made by you. Please no claiming other peoples work, or using other peoples bases.

Sbumitting an Icon, FO Banner or Header
When submitting one of the above, please submit it like this:
[image url]
yes I would like a banner/no I wouldn't like a banner

- Please no voting for yourself or getting your friends to vote for you.
- Only community members are allowed to vote, but you don't need to be an icon maker to join the community, you can join and take part in the voting.
- You will be allowed to vote for only a certain amount of icons each challenge, please follow the rules in each post, read them carefully.

Ok I was thinking on how to make this contest unique and I think I have got it. For at least a month or two, we will spend our time on a just one show. This way we have an equal opportunity to make graphics for each show. There will also be a certain system we will follow, just for fun as well as to make it organized. System goes as follows:

Character by him/herself – icon
Character with favorite pairing [most likely voted on] – icon
Character with favorite pairing [different picture then the previous week] – FO banner
Character by him/herself, with lyrics, chosen by Mod, but may be voted on - header

Photo shoot of actor/actress out of character – icon
Photo shoot of actor/actress out of character [different picture then the previous week] – FO banner
Group or cast photo, with lyrics, chosen by personal preference – header
Character with enemy/annoyance – icon

This is a rough draft and is subject to change.

The inspiration for this is simple, I must be crazy. This is my fourth community and well I hope it goes well. No really I LOVE the WB and I wish it wasn't going to be merged with UPN; sorry it's just my opinion. And well since I love the WB I figured I should make a challenge community about the wonderful shows on one of my favorite networks.

killjoy_jane -- Moderator
[none at this time] -- Co-Moderator
killjoy_jane -- Banner Maker

We will affiliate all most anyone, but please comment to this post [here]. All we ask is, you affiliate us back! Or we hope you will ^___~
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